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We develop custom data tools to boost your business intelligence.

Your business activity creates data. Lots of it. But having masses of data doesn’t make you smart. We write custom software applications — applying machine learning and AI to transform your data into true business intelligence — to help you make smarter decisions.

We’re more than just software developers. At eAlchemy, we specialize in understanding and solving business problems in the era of big data, AI and machine learning. But the intelligent solutions we build wouldn’t live up to their promise without a smart approach to our work. Our process starts with building trust. We work as an extension of your team — taking extra steps to understand the specific needs of your people and business. Creating this partnership is where the path to insight begins.

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Custom data tools that save time, increase insight

There’s a lot of noise in data. From machine learning and AI to optimization, custom dashboards and report automation to AI and machine learning, the custom tools we build filter out the noise and present the data in the right form for a specific purpose. With custom data tools at their disposal, your analysts can spend less time trying to find the right data and more time creatively solving the business problems they are paid to solve. Less noise, more insight.

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Establishing a trustworthy data foundation

You probably have a hodgepodge of data at your disposal. But to optimize that data into insight, it first needs to be managed. We can help you architect the right back-end structure for that data — from creating data warehouses to working with today’s top ERP systems. From there, we can build more powerful and accurate data tools — and deliver the insight you can trust.

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Business intelligence tools
designed for how you work

We work with some of today’s most cutting-edge technologies — from machine learning and AI to top BI tools like Power BI and Tableau. But we’re also passionate about building solutions in interfaces that your users love — including popular applications like Excel. Regardless of interface, we take care of the tech so that your business analysts can do what they do best — analyze.

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