Turn “needs improving” into “needle-moving.”

Evolving your information management and analysis processes from adequate to outstanding is at the heart of what eAlchemy does, and our results are unrivaled. We develop robust solutions grounded in extensive planning, yet also work quickly to deliver value.

“Our top priority is to partner with every client to create the best possible solution for their unique situation.”

We do not simply implement the tools our clients ask for, and our products are not off-the-shelf. Rather, coming in with a fresh perspective and our deep technical expertise, we’re able to propose solutions a client may not have previously considered, and identify opportunities for improvement that had gone unnoticed.

Our services include:

Dashboards and Reports

All too often, the tools to monitor the health of a business are used either because no one has time to create something better, or because it’s just how the last guy did it. Trust us—there is a better way.

eAlchemy partners with clients to <strong>identify or confirm essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the true road signs that reveal troubled seas or healthy growth ahead</strong>. Using tools from Excel to Power BI and Tableua, we’ll surface your KPIs in visually appealing dashboards and reports that are intuitive and help get your team marching to the same drumbeat.

Data Integration and Centralization

Data comes in from your website, Google Analytics, external partners, customer feedback, finance, marketing, or even open sources like <a href="https://usafacts.org/" target="_blank">usafacts.org</a>—you get the idea.

Manually coalescing the information from these disparate sources is not only tiresome ... it’s inefficient. You know what’s efficient? Letting eAlchemy turn that tangled web of information into a single, secure repository that’s easily accessible throughout your organization and supports regular reporting and ad-hoc analyses.

Data Analysis and Modeling

Is it time to open up a new distribution center? How is this promotional campaign performing? Will outsourcing this part of the business save me money, or create more problems than it’s worth? Who are my most valuable customers?

These questions, and countless others like them, bounce around the heads of business leaders daily. Fortunately, they are also the kinds of questions eAlchemy helps our clients answer using thoughtful data analysis and modeling designed to assess your various organizational levers.

Process Automation

The monthly, weekly, and daily rituals of manually handling data to meet the needs of customers, partners, and executives is not only tedious—it’s dangerous to your business. Using high-performing employees to churn through these mindless tasks needlessly burns resources and almost guarantees errors. By automating repetitive, data-tracking tasks with eAlchemy, your workforce can get back to building your business.

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