Business Intelligence and Data Development Services

We specialize in understanding and solving business problems in the era of big data, AI and machine learning. The custom data tools we develop
are a blend of technological sophistication and friendly user interface — empowering executives and analysts to make better decisions, more quickly.

“The work eAlchemy did gave us the insight and confidence to make better decisions every day. Most importantly, it improved our bottom line.”

— Mary Tham, Director of Planning, Plum Organics

Our development process starts by building trust with your team — we take extra steps to understand the specific needs of your people and business. Establishing this partnership is where the path to insight begins.

Our services include:

Applied Machine Learning

In this era of big data, applied machine learning adds a new dimension to business intelligence for supply chain and operations teams.

The technology can process massive amounts of data in ways that humans simply cannot. Machine learning identifies relationships between disparate data trends that we humans could never spot. And ML solutions can use real-time conditions to predict outcomes based on your business objectives.

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From planning, sourcing, and manufacturing to logistics, inventory management, promotion, and ultimately sales, supply chain and operations professionals are responsible for considering a mind-bending number of variables as they try to make data-driven decisions. With the right optimization tools at your disposal, you can make more intelligent decisions -- while minimizing operating costs and maximize profits.

CASE STUDY: Learn how eAlchemy applied linear optimization to improve a product line’s profit margin for a leading CPG company

Data Integration and Centralization

Insight starts with data. Data can come from many places — from your ERP, website, external partners, social media, customer feedback, finance, or even open-source streams on the public web.

eAlchemy can turn a tangled web of information into a structured, secure data warehouse. From there, we can create powerful and accurate data tools — and deliver insight you can trust.

Report and Business Process Automation

The monthly, weekly, and daily rituals of manual reporting can be a huge time suck for any team. And it’s expensive to your business. By automating repetitive, tedious tasks, your decision makers can spend less time doing reporting and more time doing what they do best — making great decisions. eAlchemy builds reporting tools with cutting-edge data technology, and design front-end reports using applications your decision-makers are most familiar with, such as Tableau, PowerBI, Excel and more.

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