About eAlchemy

We’re good people. To some, that doesn’t matter much, but to us it’s what matters most. It’s the source of our growth— good people like to work with good people. We take our jobs, but not ourselves, seriously. We like to have fun, and we love helping other people solve their problems. Though we have high expectations and hire only great people, we’re also fair, open, and honest.

About Our Business

While leveraging data for valuable insights is a shiny new toy for many consultancies, we have over a decade of experience helping our clients better utilize their data for critical business decisions. Our applications aren’t vaporware on some Powerpoint slide; we work with some of the most prominent brands to help manage over $1B/yr in assets.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, eAlchemy is a small business intelligence and analytics consultancy founded by Chris Farkas in 2009. While our early history focused on custom solutions, we’ve expanded our practice to include technologies like Power BI and Tableau.

And, we’re pioneering the use of AI and Machine Learning to surface valuable insights in the inventory/asset management space. Thanks in large part to the truly collaborative relationships we forge with our customers, we’ve experienced significant growth and see more on the horizon.

The eAlchemy team boasts a diverse set of skills, both in-house and via an established stable of select domestic partners from which we complement our service offerings.

Chris Farkas

Chris Farkas CEO

After cutting his teeth in operations and supply chain management for 11 years, Chris founded eAlchemy in 2009. Having developed a keen focus on using technology to improve the efficiency and quality of business decisions via savvy analytics and optimized data processes, Chris started the company to help clients achieve this same goal. Today, he leads eAlchemy’s business development efforts and guides overall organizational direction, working closely with clients to unearth value-driven solutions to their toughest challenges. He previously served as CEO of Brixmark, a software-as-service business catering to the wine industry, and holds a BA in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Debbie Ternes

Debbie Ternes Business Operations Manager

Dedicated, committed, detail oriented and curious. Skilled business professional with executive and administrative support skills developed through experience as an executive assistant, office manager, life coach and small business owner. Excels in critical and analytical thinking with the goal of discovering solutions through collaboration and creativity.

Debbie Ternes

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