Your business activity creates data.
We turn data into dollars.

Every transaction, customer contact, and pricing decision forms an actionable piece of data. Effectively capturing, learning from, and unleashing the power of this information can be the difference between success and failure.

At eAlchemy, we specialize in automating the drudgery out of your reporting and analysis, and we do this by becoming an engaged, inquisitive, creative extension of your team. We truly partner with you to help ensure your talented, valuable employees aren't wasting time manually manipulating data. We’ll put smart fixes in place and automate your existing processes, helping you optimize the value of information, collect potent new data, and make better decisions as a result.

Evolve beyond "just" a spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel is a convenient means of tracking critical information, but many organizations underutilize the tool. Consequently, they suffer the machinations of copy and paste, manual transcription, and shuffling spreadsheets from one department to another. eAlchemy automates activities and saves you hundreds or even thousands of hours a year. Whether through harnessing Excel’s full potential, pairing it with other, more sophisticated tools like SQL Server, or even upgrading you out of Excel to Power BI or a web application, eAlchemy elevates your team's data utilization to levels previously unimagined.

Streamline the information process.

There is a sea of data at your disposal. But effectively accessing it and tapping into its value often leads to a hodgepodge of processes and the consequent resource drain—so let eAlchemy fix that for you. We help you identify opportunities to optimize, and develop tools and processes that shepherd all that information into a single repository, freeing up resources and ensuring accuracy along the way.

Start scaling your
business for tomorrow, today.

By moving information management processes to the background and providing powerful analytical tools, we help you spend more time learning from your data, and less time babysitting it. The dashboards, reports, and deep, meaningful analysis we deliver are built around the deep understanding of your business that we develop. We are here to propose and implement new ideas, positioning you to get more out of your workforce, be better poised for future growth, and see a high return on investment.

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